Our Story

We’re a proud member of Chicago’s Back of The Yards Neighborhood — the first  Organic  Mushroom Farm in the City of Chicago.

We grow delicious Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Comb’s Tooth, and Reishi mushrooms so that you can add unique variety and flavor to your dishes.

Our business gives local chefs and food enthusiasts access to fresh, rare, and locally grown mushrooms all year round. Featured below is some work that we have done with local Chicagoans. (Pardon the initial advertisement on the clip)

Since the very beginning we’ve embraced the closed loop model of business. That means that we use waste products from our growing process to make microbe-rich compost for urban farmers. In the future we will be using sterilized coffee grounds and spent grains from beer brewing as growing substrates.

Our scientific growing methods and environmental controls mean food safety without preservatives, pesticides, or GMO’s. Hyper-local, on demand growing means that you get unprecedented freshness with a minimal environmental impact.

Our Vision

Gourmet mushrooms are just the beginning. We are creating a culture of positive environmental impact.

The team at Fruiting Mushrooms is working on innovative solutions to environmental problems. For an idea of the possibilities of mushroom growing technology, take a look at this talk by world mushroom expert Paul Stamets:

Our goal is to continue building a team that can develop and improve mycelium production for myco-remediation, fertilizers, packaging materials.

We are on a mission to spread the ideas of urban farming, net-positive environmental impact, fresh food, and social good.

Where To Find Our Mushrooms

When you support our business, you’re supporting our values too. That means so much to us. Here are a few of our vendor partners.

You also can contact us directly at fruitingmushrooms@gmail.com for direct delivery and supply.

If you sign up for our newsletter you can get early access to our direct to consumer sales page and our upcoming crowd funding campaign.

About Our Team


Farmer Belkacem El Metennani: is the founder and owner of Fruiting Mushrooms, is working hard to grow fresh, gourmet mushrooms at The Plant.

While volunteering with Plant Chicago, Bel took an interest in mushroom cultivation, and soon learned about the mushroom growing process. Within a few months, Bel began renting an old ham freezer in the basement of The Plant and launched his very own mushroom business.  Coming from a successful career in the restaurant business, Bel understands the value of fresh, local food.


Chris Powers: Director of Growth