First Mesopotamia, then the industrial revolution and now controlled environment agriculture (CEA) . That’s the food production trajectory over the ages.

DAR AL FILAHA “house of agriculture” is the first in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) space as an accelerator/incubator platform and a vision for promoting innovative agriculture production in Algeria. It’s a one-stop shop of all needs for modern agri entrepreneurs to be.

We use high tech control and monitoring systems, AI and IT for growing, processing, and distribution of mushrooms, orchards under retractable roofs, hydroponics and aeroponics for leafy greens, vegetables, aromatics, herbs on rooftops, and composting to close up the loop.
Our operation is based on a nine hectares farm Southeast of Algiers, in the municipality of Meftah.

DAR AL FILAHA is a small business entity managing multiple microclimate farms under one” big roof “.
It collaborates with a network of CEA experts, universities, trade schools, and funding partners to facilitate the translation of know-how from academia to entrepreneurship in the sustainable and circular economy space as well as incorporating new technologies.
By using technologies, repurposed biomaterials, up to 95% less water, and 50% less energy, we will contribute to solving the issues of increasing water scarcity, desertification, energy efficiency, food security, import dependency and youth unemployment.

We promote good work ethics & less ecological impact that will help fulfill COP21 and improve farmland health and yield.

In addition, DAF offers training, guidance, and follow-up, and serves as a distributor, utilising drones technology for all indoor/vertical farming needs.

Belkacem El metennani & the team